frankie reddin
comms + talent management

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sidekick, assistant, confidante, manager...

I’m a straight talking PR and communications consultant. Having worked in many of the top restaurant PR agencies in London, I left the agency bubble five years ago to work independently with likeminded people and brands, supporting and moulding their communications strategy and media presence. 


You can read my life story here.

The beauty of independence is you can choose who you work with...

Therefore, I only work with a handful of clients at a time so that I can work more closely on each project. I immerse myself, give the project the time and thought it deserves, and avoid that mania we’ve all grown so accustomed to. 

Here are some of my current projects, and most importantly, what they've said.

how I work...

Once on board, I can help you get real results and media coverage, without compromise. No over promising, quick fixes, no fifteen minutes of fame, no one-size-fits-all approach. It's about staying in control of your own narrative at your own pace and letting it evolve into something you and I can both be proud of.


Through a combination of P-YAR, brand partnerships, and talent management, I will be able to identify your true audience, communicate your message, and ultimately, grow your brand at a steady and sustainable pace.

If you'd like to work together, send me an email...