​I am a PR and communications expert, born and bred in London, currently based in Lisbon, with nearly ten years experience of working within restaurant and lifestyle media relations. 

Previously holding senior positions at London-based PR agenciespredominantly restaurant focused, before founding my own, A+F Creative, my years of experience, extensive travel, both personal and professional, have given me the creative tools to unearth all of the threads to your story, mission and goals but the practical ability to weave it into a strategy, which will help your brand grow.

I want to change the landscape of media with more personal, people-focused stories that expand our minds and connect cultures. To do that, we need to change PR first. To use our intellect and investigate our clients narrative before it gets to press. To show that individual stories can sit at the intersections of culture – be it within the food, art or literature pages. The clients I work with don't fit into a mould. This is smart lifestyle.

Through my own freelance work and A+F Creative, a communications agency I founded with Anna Sulan Masing in 2016, I search for projects that share diverse stories and champion the personalities. Once on board, I help businesses get real results and coverage, without compromise. No over promising, quick fixes, no fifteen minutes of fame, no one-size-fits-all approach. It's about staying in control of your own narrative at your own pace. That's the way we'll find your true audience.

If you'd like to work together, email me at frankie@anna-frankie.com or find me on Instagram @frankiefrancesca

  • In 2016 I co-founded A+F Creative, a creative communications agency with Anna Sulan Masing

  • In 2020, I co-founded Black Book, a visibility platform for Black and non-white people within the food and drink industry, with Zoe Adjonyoh and Dr. Anna Sulan Masing