current projects

Mitshel Ibrahim + Ombra

Mitshel Ibrahim is chef/owner of Ombra, your '4th favourite Italian restaurant'. Ombra is canalside in Hackney and has proven to be equal parts grit and glamour after totally dominating the endless challenges of the pandemic. It's personally been my fave Italian haunt since 2018 when I fell upon the gnocco fritto: warm pillowy cushions served with glossy blankets of home cured mortadella. Addicted ever since.


Mitshel himself has a genius talent in the kitchen, and a brutally honest quip outside. He could almost pass as a Londoner, although he makes much better pasta.

Akwasi Brenya-Mensa + Tatale

Akwasi Brenya-Mensa is a humble polymath whose professional journey has leaned into the world of music and food for well over 10 years. Totally self-made, Akwasi is the host of the successful, ‘Mensa, Plates and Friends’ supperclub, co-founder of The Spectacular Empire: an infrastructure for forward thinking Black art and music, and soon to be chef/owner of Tatale.

Akwasi's future predicts a flexing of all his talents as restaurateur, events programmer, community leader, drawing on his eclectic past and Ghanaian-British culture to highlight an innovative contemporary spirit.

Marie Mitchell + Island Social Club

Lola Ross Nutrition

Lola Ross is a native North Londoner, registered nutritionist, whose culture-conscious, evidence-based nutrition for female health is positioning her as a leading voice in inclusive wellness.

Thoughtful, measured, elegant, and driven, Lola is also co-founder of femtech platform, Moody Month (daily wellness for women tailored to your cycle).

Elizabeth Haigh's Kaizen House + Mei Mei

Kaizen House is a collection of projects that explores food and food culture through the lens of acclaimed chef Elizabeth Haigh. 

The first iteration of which is, Mei Mei, a Singaporean kopi tiam in London's Borough Market.

Marie Mitchell is a writer, chef and co-founder of Island Social Club: a space aimed at filling the void left by the erosion of London’s once thriving Caribbean social scene.


Marie makes a considered effort to create space in which she can explore Caribbean culture and food with authenticity and without limits, and is super conscious of driving British Caribbean cuisine, and thus culture, forward.


With one of the sexiest radio voices known to man, a natural charm that makes you melt, and lyrical prowess, there is a lot more of Marie to come. Including her debut book, 'Kin: Caribbean Recipes for the Modern Kitchen' (Particular Books, Penguin, 2023).

Thea Cumming + Dangerous Don

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 13.11.48.png

Thea Cumming is the brilliant founder of Dangerous Don - a UK drinks brand working with producers in Mexico to create premium mezcal. With two pours, Espadin and Destilado Con Café, plus a third, Destilado Con Mandarina, launching September 2021, Thea is passionate about visibility. The origins, the people, the technique, supply and demand, all pieced of info we should know to truly appreciate and understand not just the flavour, but the cultural meaning of the spirit.


Thea started London Mezcal Week in 2017 which ran for three years, and also runs Doña: a female led cocktail bar, that supports the development of local musicians and artists. Plus an extensive range of Mezcales, naturally.